Donator Ranks

We are 100% Mojang EULA Compliant!
  • Everyone gets the SAME awesome MCU experience!
  • ONLY cosmetic OR non-game changing perks
  • NO Pay-To-Win. That's just dog, man.
  • ALL donations go back into the server (developers, hosting, website etc.)
  • We don't sell cheaty in-game money, kits, blocks - nothing.
  • YOU get to support what we do, get rewarded, and be officially AWESOME!
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    BONUS! "Viva La Vida" Song (/cosmetics)     BONUS! "Black Hole" Trail (/cosmetics) BONUS!
2x Cosmetic Keys EVERY renewal!
Music Bot on Discord
Name Color Selector (default purple username)
Access to Donator Room on Discord
Donator Giveaways
In-Game Prefix
Autosort Inventory (toggle with /inventorysort)
Autosort Chests (toggle with /chestsort)
Rename items in an Anvil with COLORS!
ALL Chat Colours! (/chatcolor)
In-Game Commands            
/spacestation fast
Allows you to Fast Travel to the Space Station
Allows you to set yourself as "away from keyboard" . This will show up next your name in tab.
Displays your current location (Planet & coordinates) in chat for you.
Request players to teleport to your location.
Do maths equations in-game! Very handy for calculating the number of items you need, profits, etc.
Dismount any player who is riding you with /ride
Check your own level, how much experience you have, and how much experience needed for next level.
Check when a player was last online!
Toggle allowing people to /tpa to you
Show a players previous usernames
Place a block or item on your head!
/nickname (/nick)
Change your displayname in chat!
Show all the color codes you can use in your nickname!
Check how long you've played on the server
Shows a quick summary of your statistics on the server!
Make your body glow!
Access to White Only
Ride on top of players!
Sit on slabs and stairs!
Edit armorstands!
Teleport to your own private station!
/privatestation new
Create your own private station!
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